Welcome to Dot Net Helpers

Dot Net Helpers provides small, self-contained, easy-to-use components for developers of .NET applications to solve small, specific, real problems that developers face in common business applications. Our focus is to make low-cost components which will save from 1 day to 1 week of development. All of the components are easily integrated into your own projects and have the following properties:

Code sample using the Ultimate Image Resizer Code sample of image resizer usage
  • Easy to integrate. Each component is contained within a single DLL, or you can simply copy and paste the source code into your projects.
  • Components are testable. They are implemented using interfaces where suitable, allowing easy testing and dependency injection.
  • Friendly licence terms. Each component purchased is valid for a single application, which can be used by an unlimited number of developers and test servers.
  • Build-server friendly. Integrating our components with build servers and continuous integration systems could not be easier as none of our components require licence files, are obfuscated, or contain any other DRM.
  • Useful documentation. All classes, interfaces, methods and properties are commented with XML documentation including complete explanations, examples and Exception information.
  • High quality code. All assemblies are CLS Compliant, strictly follow internationalization guidelines, are fully unit tested, and most importantly have been used extensively in production systems.