About Dot Net Helpers.

Dot Net Helpers was formed to provide time-saving business components to software development teams. The goal of all our products is to save around 1 day to 1 week of development time by providing useful components that real software projects regularly need, without any of the inconvenience of many other third party components.

Our philosophy to achieving this was to ease integration by ensuring that all components are contained within a single assembly with no outside dependencies, always provide useful documentation, and very importantly not burdening our clients with troublesome licencing restrictions. While our software is not open source and holds a copyright, there is no software-based enforcement of this copyright (e.g. there are no licx files to complicate build procedures), and our software can be used by an unlimited number of developers on an unlimited number of development and test machines.

By also supplying the source code with a compiled assembly, our components can be seemlessly integrated with your own projects. For example, you may wish to change the namespaces to match your own namespaces, tweak the default settings of the components, or otherwise expand the components to meet your needs.

Finally, we create components that we have seen a need for in real business applications. We have learnt from the mistakes of other third party component vendors, whether it be through confusing APIs, untestable and untested components, components that complicate automated builds or restrictive licences that hinder development rather than help it. The result is stream-lined, useful, easy to use components that can save you and your company money.

Dot Net Helpers is a division of BB Web Ltd (registered in England and Wales), based in Central London, United Kingdom.