Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

If you are unable to use the products for any reason - for example they are incompatible with the frameworks you are already using, or they do not behave as you expected - then we will be happy to provide you with a full refund. You simply need to delete all copies of your downloaded files, and launch a refund request from your PayPal account.

Please try using the live demos before purchasing.


Unfortunately we are unable to provide technical support for purchased products. This means it is your responsibility to integrate the products into your software. This policy is required as a result of the low prices we charge. Note that source code is provided so any intermediate or above developers should be able to customise the products in any way necessary.


One of our philosophies is that we do not use restrictive software licencing in any of our components, and we provide the source code to optionally allow seemless integration of our components into your projects. This does not mean, however, that our components are open source or that you are free to distribute the source code of our components to others.

The licence terms of all our components are as follows:

  • Each purchase of a component allows the usage of the component in one application. For the purposes of this licence, the definition of an application is generally considered to be a single Visual Studio Solution, however there may be exceptions, and we generally allow our customers to use their own judgement on what they consider to be an "application".
  • Purchased components can be used by an unlimited number of developers and development/testing environments for the purpose of development, testing and preparing the single application that the component has been purchased for.
  • The supplied source code can be changed and customised in any way required, however the source code may not be distributed to other individuals or companies, and may not be used in applications outside of which it was purchased for .

While all our software is tested extensively, it is provided as is and we cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from its use. In the unlikely event of a bug being found, we will fix the bug and supply updated assemblies and source code at no cost to those who request it.